Mr. CAVALLI played great symphonic pieces by C. Saint-Saëns [Three preludes and fugues] and L. Vierne [Symphony Nr. 2]... also his concert integrated our festival among the best Central-European concert series. Yes - we can state his great Mastership.”

(Dr Kowalsky, Director of the European Organ Festival Kremnica Castle Organ - 2013)

"Organist Cavalli was superb. His arrangement of Debussy's Clair de Lune was simply "sublime" !!!"

(A. Galizia, President of the Washington DC Italian Language & Cultural Group)

"Applause to Cavalli in the Cathedral....A great concert has been given Sunday afternoon by Corrado Cavalli at the Cremona's Cathedral"

("La Provincia". Cremona, 2008. Read the full article - Italian -)

"Cavalli makes 19th and 20th centuries great...The audience is enthusiastic...At the end a big applause gives homage to the young virtuoso performance..."

(S. Zolli, "Il Messaggero Veneto". Udine, 2010. Read the full article -Italian-)

"...Mr. Cavalli brights particulary in  the Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen by F. Liszt..."

(R. Bellardone. Una Voce poco fa, 2011. Read the full article -Italian-)

"...Grandeur, rigorous style and impeccable rhythm..."

(Prof.ssa C. Papini. Inner Wheel Torino, 2013.Read the full article -Italian-)

Intervista a Corrado Cavalli
Riscoprire Remondi maestro d’organo venuto da Fiesse
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